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Web Design

Web Design
Web Design is the processes of creating the markup and code that controls how a website looks. Nice & Easy Web Design makes beautiful and responsive websites. Our skilled team of developers bring functionality, design and a creative flare to each project we handle. Read More »


Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is the processes of increasing the visibility and ranking of a website in Search Engines. We are experienced with many types of SEO, Local, Organic and Paid are some types of SEO offered by Nice & Easy Web Design. Read More »

Local SEO

Local SEO
What is Local SEO? Are you shown in the Map Pack? Can you find your site for your services + your city? Nice & Easy Web Design can get you there. The difference a few reviews have can be tremendous. Placement on the Maps section can send 25% more traffic to your site. Read More »


We make Beautiful, Responsive, WordPress websites! Why WordPress? Nice & Easy Web Design likes to use WordPress primarily because it allows us to get more done in less time. Over years we have gained experience and expertise with WordPress. Read More »

About Nice & Easy Web Design

Nice & Easy Web Design Logo

Nice and Easy Web Design is a Web Design and Search Engine Optimization company located in Washington but practices all over the US. We have been making websites for the last 8 years and throughout that time we have been happy to see both the Web Design and Search Engine Optimization worlds evolve into the flourishing industries they are today.

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*Our goal is to make beautiful, SEO Friendly, and Responsive websites.

About Our Process

  1. The first thing we do is, get to know you. Knowing who you are, and finding out what you do helps us to both better understand your needs and helps us decided how to best present your services and to make sure you get the best ROI.
  2. After we get to know you, we evaluate where we are. We need to find out what kind of effort has been made in the past, we will find out if we need to do any sort of clean up and make sure we have access to all the hosting and domain accounts needed.
  3. Knowing where to start allows us to build a plan. The strategy is the most important part, normal split into 4 or 5 phases your project strategy will spell out goals, expectations, timelines, and content overviews. If a phone interview is need to write your service page we also like to schedule times for meetings in your project strategy.
  4. Most likely your project strategy will include a side rebuild and will at least include a site / SEO overhaul. This is when we work on your foundation. Having good site architect and a logical structure to your sites url structure, headings and content make all the difference to Search, Conversion Optimization, and most importantly ROI.
  5. Regular maintenance and re evaluations are part of every good web sites strategy and long term plans. Our goals include increasing site traffic, conversions of impressions to clicks, clicks to actions and actions to leads. All of our efforts ultimately boil down to two fold, increase leads and decrease the pain and headaches of owning a website.
Web Design

What’s our focus?

We focus on CMS and Organic SEO solutions. We handle PPC and are knowledgeable in many aspects of pay per click advertising, but we believe that our goals best align with those who want to pursue Organic SEO, Local SEO, Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management.

  • Web Design - Your website will most likely be your company's first interaction with a client. How your website looks matters, if your site is old, outdated, and hasn't been updated in a while customers are going to assume the same about your company and services. A clean, well designed, and thought out website will both send the impression that you are an expert in your field and help drive leads.
  • Organic SEO - is the process of increasing a websites visibility in search engines. The good old and reliable organic results are the same ones that have been around since Googles inception and are the 10 links returned in a google search.
  • Local SEO - is all about the map pack, also known as the big 7, big 5, or 7 pack, 6 pack and so on. Clients on average see an increase of 25% in calls when the get onto the map pack.
  • CMS & WordPress Website Design - Why WordPress? We like to use WordPress for a variety of reasons. The largest advantages of  WordPress web design site are the ability to for a website to scale, and the amount of work that can be done in a short amount of time, and the ability to utilize powerful WordPress themes and Plugins.
  • Social Media Marketing - has become an exciting, at times expensive, and overall complicated affair. The largest and main Social Media sites currently are , Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, and others make up a huge portion of available advertising and each have a huge following with targeted advertising options.
  • Reputation Management - Do you have reviews? Reviews end up making a huge impact on if a client converts or even picks up the phone to begin with. We can help you get more reviews, not only that but we can help you address bad and poor reviews, while collecting high ranking reviews on sites like Yelp, Demandforce, and Google +.

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