Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing encompasses a large array of services. In our practice it mostly revolves around Web Design and SEO, but we preform a diverse range of services.

Internet Marketing Services

Web Design

Web Design – We make beautiful responsive websites. By combining your personality with practical long term web solutions we generate lasting ROI. The current state of Web Design is to design for responsive first (Design the sites to work on a mobile devise) and then scale up to tablet and desktop sizes. Most of our clients are small to medium sized local businesses. We do make wonderful eCommerce sites, but our focus is on mom and pop to medium corporate websites.

Our tipocal projects are anywhere between 5-100 pages large, and we are always looking to expand our limits. Your web design company is an important relationship, your website will most likely be your clients fist impression of your business, put your web design trust in us to complete your website. More Web Design »


SEO – Search Engine Optimization is as important as your web design. What is the point of having the most beautiful website in the work if no one can find you? There are many nuances and intricate facets of SEO, SEO is a term that covers a broad range of techniques and specialties. Nice & Easy Web Design’s specialty is in SEO for Local Business and regional SEO for Business. We have experience in converting existing websites to WordPress and reworking existing websites to meet current SEO standards. Each project, website, and industry require a unique strategy and approach, we would love to start the conversation about your website. The best time to start your SEO project would have been yesterday, don’t let any more time go by, call today! More SEO »

Local SEO

Local SEO – Local SEO is about ranking for localized search results. That mostly translates to map placements and searches for services for with a city. These terms end up similar to SEO Honolulu, Web Design Hawaii, or other things like Plumber San Diego and Pest Control Boise. There is no one silver bullet or magic wand for Local SEO, we have learned SEO is both continuous are large. There are over 250 items that go into the algorithms that govern who rank when where and why, and Google publicly announced there was more than 800 updates to those algorithms. With that much change and turmoil why would anyone want to partake in this? Well, that’s because local, branded searches with a city name in it are still the best way to drive long lasting ROI. We love working in Local SEO and the challenge is a constant excitement, call or message us to start on your Local SEO Campaign today! More Local SEO »

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design – WordPress is a PHP framework that has greatly increased in popularity and flexibility. Originally just a blogging framework it was quickly adapted into use for making easy to use, update and maintain websites. As the popularity of WordPress grew so did the amount of themes, plugins and users with WordPress expertise. Fast forward to today and more than 1 million websites have been built with WordPress and that trend seems far from over. Allowing for easy responsive web design, the ability to easily set the architecture and then scale site when ready has made WordPress the power house it has become. We really like the WordPress framework and if you like the idea of being able to update your site with photos, text and new pages then contact us and lest start on your project today! More WordPress Web Design »

Reputation Management

Reputation Management – Reviews and your online reputation are important to your customers, and in today’s tech forward world a new client is more likely to search for your online reputation than they are to asked a trusted friend for advice. There are many reputable sites that contribute to reviews, Yelp, Google+, Facebook, and Amazon are all popular review platforms. If you are interested in what is the best way to gather reviews then contact us at Nice & Easy Web Design and we can start working on building a long lasting positive online reputation.

Protecting your online reputation requires a lot of work and continuous maintaining, but the difference a few points of stars, a few decimal points higher and more positive reviews can turn into thousands of dollars in revenue. We work with you to help understand what will motivate your clients to review. Call us at Nice & Easy Web Design to start work on your Online Reputation today! More Reputation Management »

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and so many more. There are an ever growing amount of Social Media Websites and each one has its own target audience, niche and marketing techniques. These very specific brand building and advertising opportunities can be complicated and technical. We can help build your brand and help get your business name in front of targeted and interested users. More Social Media Marketing »