Reputation Management

Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Who Needs Reputation Management?

Does your business have reviews? Have you read those reviews? Chances are your clients and potential clients do. Millennials, Gen Xers, and even the Baby Boomers are becoming more tech savvy, involved and informed in their purchases. Increasing the number of reviews and the average rating of those reviews inspire a potential user to perform an action, something like filling out a contact form, downloading a pdf, or making a call.

We have a system that helps identify poor reviews and help solicit positive new ones on highly authoritative sites.

Reputation Management for Small Business

Tips for reputation management.

Always ask, after a project always ask your client for a review, wait a week and then send the client a follow up email containing a link to the site you are wanting the review on.

Always respond, most sites allow the owner or business manager to reply to reviews. Thanking people for positive reviews and adding a personal touch go a long way in creating repeat customers, and responding to negative reviews lets people know that you care enough to be proactive about it. Sometimes you may not even know a client is unhappy until you see a negative review come in, in these cases not all is lost. In fact most sites allow users to update and change their review ratings, by addressing a negative review you may be able to turn a positive to a negative and increase those star averages.

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