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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the increasing of a website’s visibility with search engines, such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo. If you are a pet food store and you want a company’s website to be the first to appear when someone searches for “pet food.” In this case “pet food” is what a customer would type into, say, Google to find you and local competitors. This is called a search term. Nice & Easy Web Design specializes in getting websites as close to the first position for the search terms applicable to your business as possible.

Where websites rank in order for specific search terms depends on the algorithm created by search engine companies (like Google, Yahoo, & Bing). Each type of SEO has its own algorithm that governs who gets ranked where. In order to get high rankings we have to hit the nail on the head for each of those algorithms to see any real return.

That is where we come in. We have a proven track record for regularly getting high rankings for our clients. We stay abreast on all the algorithm changes as they happen and do the necessary experimentation to find what works. This ongoing attention to updates and diligently making adjustments that comply is why we are at the top of the SEO game. We take into consideration everything from the age of a websites domain, to the images on the page, to the links to and from a website—and that’s just to name a few. With SEO, everything matters!

Local SEO

Local SEO targets optimization for a specific area—generally a major city and the surrounding suburbs. Building on the example above, if you are a pet food company in Seattle, Washington you particularly want to rank for the search terms “pet food Seattle.” If you don’t do much shipping, it won’t matter that people in New York see a website. Your SEO efforts will need to focus on a local area. Search engines get to know where their users live. The local SEO specialists at Nice & Easy Web Design know how to tell the search engines to rank your website for specific cities you do business in. Our local SEO efforts help increase the rankings for local customers.

Search Engine Optmization(SEO) is the most important type of internet marketing. Without being seen on search engine sites, people will not find your business. Though that is true, there are additional metrics that come into play for local SEO.

Some of what Nice & Easy SEO tracks includes:

  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Intelligent SEO
  • Conversions (web views that become sales)
  • Unique Visitors
  • Bounce Rate (viewers who leave without buying, why?)
  • Google Map Position

Search Engine Opt

Pay Per Click SEO

Pay per click are ads you see on Google. When a person searches for a word and the first few results that appear on the page have a small red button next to them that say “Ad” that is a website that has set up a pay per click campaign for the specific search term they just typed in. These campaigns can be very successful if they have the right search term for the right business and if the SEO on your web page is strong. Even these pay per click campaigns have a ranking order. If the page is not strong enough, you may still end up several pages away from the first page—even though you are paying to be there.

Nice & Easy Web Design has the expertise and know how to ensure the best use of your pay per click campaign. We research the current results of different search terms and find the strongest one that suits each business. We then get to work making the webpage clearly visible to increase click through rating.

SEO for Small Business

SEO for Small Business requires a specialized approach. Most small business Search Engine Optmization projects focus around local SEO, maps, local directories and brand building. Small businesses don’t normally have the budget to compete with large chains or well established franchises, so a targeted strategy is necessary. We have the experience plus the knowledge to help identify the most successful search terms and key phrases for your small business SEO. Along with getting your business ranking, we also offer eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, and Pay Per Click campaigns.

SEO for small businesses is what we love most. Making you the big fish in a local pond makes us smile! At Nice & Easy Web Design we get to know you, a business, and your specific needs. We take the time to develop a relationship that counts.

WordPress SEO

How does WordPress effect SEO? The WordPress framework has built-in SEO advantages. These cut down on the time it takes search engine crawlers to understand a site. WordPress is also designed to tell the search engines just what each page is about. So a pet food business has a page for “dog food,” one “for cat food,” and so on. WordPress helps a site rank for each of these terms by making the search terms (or key words) visible and clear for the search engines.

All that plus the ease of use that WordPress offers cuts down on the time it take our developers to build or update a website. That decrease in time means a decrease in cost we can pass on to you.

At Nice & Easy Web Design we are proud of the success we bring our clients. We are serious about SEO and different types of search engine optimization. Our efforts allow us to deliver the best result imaginable. We stand behind the work we do because it means everything to you, which means everything to us!

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SEO & Search Engine Optimization

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