Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

There is no secret that social media marketing is a necessity for business today. Getting those Facebook likes not only gets your branding out there, it builds a network of loyal customers. But you have to know what you’re doing! Social media marketing is about building a community and engaging with them. Without that community, you are sending out your message in a vacuum. Nice & Easy Web Design ensures your message gets to the right people, and lots of them!

Think of it as a new twist on an age-old system. Rather than face-to-face customer service to win people over, you now have that same immediate interaction with them, but it is done online and in front of an audience. The original concept is still there—it is the relationship with customers that keeps them coming back.

Social media marketing begins with building that loyal community. From there, we help you carve out a niche and offer valuable information and resources around that niche. Eventually, you and your brand gain authority in that niche. Your customers not only become loyal, they also become your best cheerleaders. And voila! Your brand is being shared all over the place without having to pay for expensive commercials or print ad campaigns.

Nice & Easy Web Design has the know how to plan your successful social media marketing. It takes research to pinpoint what works for your industry and an understanding of best practices for each social media platform. We work with you to strategize the best way to get your brand and your message out there.

We also offer reputation management services to manage comments and reviews. While social media marketing can increase your business like nothing else, one negative review can severely hurt it—especially if it’s your only one.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Small businesses can gain from social media marketing almost more than the large, multinational companies. They have an easier time becoming the authority in their area. Let’s say you are a pest control company in a suburb of a larger city. You have a better chance of becoming the go-to voice of bedbug elimination for that area than Nike has of reaching shoe shoppers all over the world. Imagine the number of people world-wide that Nike has to get involved in their social media marketing sites to make an impact, compared to our pest control company’s new 5,000 friends.

Having a blog, newsletter, or simply tweeting interesting, relatable articles that are on-point for your brand will woo people in. You can use social media marketing to send loyal customers discount codes and coupons, continuing to gain their favor. In time, these folks will see you as the friendly person who offers free advice and interesting articles. When they decide to make a purchase, it is your company who has built their trust. It is you they will buy from.

Nice & Easy Web Design can make coupons interactive wiht your website as well as help you plan the best times and ways to send messages out through social media. We have a keen understanding of how best to market to social media sites. Nice & Easy Web Design keeps an eye on the trends and changes in social media marketing, and adjusts your message and brand accordingly. We make it easy so you can keep your focus on all the business rolling in!

Who Needs Social Media Marketing?

Have a new product or idea you want to launch. Try sending out a free sample to 10, 20, or even 100 of your favorite social media fans. They will be touched that they were chosen to offer feedback. When they write a product review it is vastly more likely that it will be a positive one. Those cheerleaders of yours are all revved up to sing your praises on their social media sites and give you positive reviews wherever they can. Whats more is that these links and likes also help increase the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website!

Everyone can gain business, brand loyalty, and have their messaged passed along by fans through social media marketing. Whether you have a product that only appeals locally or you want to launch a country-wide advertizing campaign, social media is the fastest way to get the message out and grow brand recognition for your business. Nice & Easy Web Design has the expertise to manage that for you.

Just some of the marketing for social media we do includes:

Affordable Social Media Marketing

Nice & Easy Web Design has multiple social media marketing packages. We can customize a campaign that is right for your brand, your region, and your budget. Contact us for a free consultation and let us discuss options for your social media marketing plan.

Social Media Marketing

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