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WordPress Web Design and SEO

WordPress Web Design

WordPress has fast become the top content management system (CMS) for websites today. With its amazing flexibility it is the easiest site to make changes to and scale up or down as needed. Its advanced navigation creates endless design options. Plugins make adding features to your website a breeze. Nice & Easy Web Design has experience designing websites in WordPress since its inception. While we are able to work with any current website you may have, all new sites are designed in WordPress and we highly suggest older websites be updated in WordPress.

SEO in WordPress

One of the top advantages of using WordPress is its built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features. These features help search engine crawlers from Google, Bing, and the like figure out what your website is about. When this information is clear, it increases your visibility on these sites. WordPress uses simple, scaled-down code which search engine crawlers appreciate. Older systems used a complicated code that still confuses crawlers today. You want your site to be easy to understand and rank. If a Google spider gets tripped up on excess code, your site’s ranking could suffer—which means so will your business.

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While WordPress is by far the best CMS to help your website’s ranking, it does take more effort than using WordPress alone. However, for SEO experts like those at Nice & Easy Web Design, there is no better tool to assist in those efforts than WordPress!

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress just keeps getting better and better. Regular updates continually improve the look, ease, and options available to web designers and end users.

Some of the benefits to WordPress include:

  • Regular Security Updates
  • Image, Video, and Media Plugins
  • Customizable Footers, Headers, and Sidebars
  • Easy Linking
  • Integrability with Social Media
  • Increase SEO Rankings
  • Adjustable Page Layout and Design
  • Easy Editing, Adding, or Deleting pages
  • Design Uniformity
  • Ability to Scheduled Publish Dates

Affordable WordPress Web Design

This ease of use that WordPress creates means you will spend less money and wait less time for your website to be developed. It also allows for easier adjustments when you want something changed.

For example, lets say you want to add a webpage for a seasonal promotion you are having. Nice & Easy Web Design can quickly get that up for you. We can also take it down the moment the promotion ends. Other less adaptable CMSs require a longer process and less control of design possibilities. With WordPress our developers can create a page, run it by you, and easily make adjustments you would like to see. Depending on the type of older CMS you may have, you may be limited on whether the design you want is even possible.

WordPress Conversion

WordPress improves design and SEO efforts so much, that we make it easy and affordable for you to move your website over to WrodPress. We discuss all those things you wish your website could do, and then make them happen in WordPress. The process is fast and more affordable than your probably think.

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